Welcome to the Urban Computing Lab at the University of Maryland!

We focus on modeling our cities through digital footprints of human activity. Our objective is to understand human behavior in urban environments using crowdsourced mobile and ubiquitous data; and to provide tools and insights that enhance decision making.  We develop data-driven methods that combine data mining and machine learning techniques to tackle urgent urban challenges in areas such as disaster management or transportation alternatives. 

- Vanessa receives an NSF CAREER Award for her work on human mobility and resilience during shocks
- Check the video summary of our work on data-driven disaster analytics at CCC (Computing Community Consortium) 
- We presented a long paper at WebSci, congrats Lingzi!
- We are presenting two papers at NetMob
- Lingzi has accepted the Data Science for Social Good Fellowship in Atlanta!
- Paper accepted at MDM, Congrats Jay!
- Paper accepted at AAAI, Congrats Lingzi!
- Paper accepted at ICWSM, Congrats Gaurav!
- Our work on Twitter and urban planning in Phys.org
- Our H1N1 work and its potential impact on Ebola in The Economist